Let's start off with the amazing journey of Jamie's 8-year gender transformation. Check out the video in which he captured 8 years of his transition! 

He tells about every step in the process from getting hormones till his bottom surgery. Amazing footages that we thought you should see as well. 

Jamie Raines

If that's not enough for you, you can check him out on instagram @jammi.dodger

Nikkie de Jager

She has been seen in the Ellen Degeneres Show and recently attended the famous Wie is Mol? show in the Netherlands.

Ellen Degeneres Show


Our dutch proud got famous become of her lovely make-up tutorials. She has just recently came out as transgender. 



Noah Finnce

This famous influencer has 324k followers at this right moment. 

noah finnce


We were super happy with this cool picture of him wearing our all-in-one packing underwear.




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