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Paxsies Chest Binders

What are chest binders?

Chest binders are a type of underwear that gives the wearer a flat chest by compressing the breasts. It can decrease gender dysphoria and increase gender euphoria in many trans people. Binders are also known as FTM binders, trans binders, compression tops, shaping underwear or breast binders. Although FTM hints at chest binders being exclusively for trans men, chest binders are worn by other people too: transmasculine, genderfluid, agender and non-binary people. Cosplayers and theatre artists use chest binders too to better align their bodies to the characters they portray. But everyone who wants to flatten their chest can wear a chest binder.


Do you want a nice short binder or do you prefer a long binder that resembles a tank top? Paxsies offers them both as sports binders, ideal for any sport you do.


We also sell a short binder with zippers on the side, making it easier to put on and take off. Just like our other sports binders, this binder can be used for exercising. Thanks to the zipper’s positioning, the compression of the chest area remains uncompromised and safe! Does your chest need a little break? Partially unzip the binder or take it off completely.

Sports binder & racerback

Our sports binders are ideal for practicing a sport. Any sport. They have a low neckline so you can subtly wear it underneath a regular T-shirt or top. These subtly designed chest binders are great for trans men and transgender people who like to live stealth.

Thanks to their moisture-wicking fabric and thinner straps, you’ll stay fresher during exercise.

Our racerback binders offer the same compression, but thanks to their design and straps, you’ll have higher mobility in the shoulder and arm area. Ideal for working out or doing a more intense sport.

Paxsies binders & safety

They are the best-value FTM chest binders in Europe! All our chest binders are made of quality materials that help compress your chest safely but effectively! Our Paxsies binders have an elastic back for mobility and comfort and a stiffer material in the front to bind your chest.

We always recommend wearing the binder no longer than 8 hours a day. Taking breaks in-between wearing if possible, is always a plus. And last but not least: listen to your body!

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