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Paxsies Sports Binder Extra Strong - White

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Our Paxsies Sports Binders are specially designed to ensure full comfort and safety while minimizing your chest, without compromising effectiveness. The lower neckline means it can be worn subtly underneath most shirts while still providing full chest coverage. Made with...
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Customer Reviews

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Louisa Gidlöf
Great first binder!

This is my first binder and it’s great! It’s breathable and not at all difficult putting on and taking off once you got the hang of it! I really like it:)

Leo Laukemper
Very comfortable, 5 Stars

I bought if for my boyfriend. He struggled to find a right binder for him since he has a bigger chest. When I asked how it fits, this was his response: "5 stars really compfy doesnt feel like im getting squeezed to Death, I CAN BREATHE!"
If you want a good and affordable one, that's the binder to go for folks! It does it's job perfectly!

Thanks Leo! We're really glad your boyfriend likes his new binder!

Sem Schmidt
Super strong, super flat!

Binds perfectly! Feeling so strong with this, no dysphoria at all, thanks for this great product!

Dorina Szegedi
I’m amazed

This binder looks so soft and look so comfortable I wish to wear it soon :)


This is just amazing, it’s so easy to breath in this. I can barely feel it when I wear it. It’s so much easier to breath in compared to other binders especially when exercising/running. It would be nice if they made one that was long so it would like I was wearing a tank top but it’s still really good!

Hey Zach!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, and we're glad that you like the binders as much as we do!

A longer binder is currently in the works, and will hopefully be available on our shop soon!

- Team Paxsies


Binder Size Charts (CM)

Chest Circumference 76-81 81-87 87-92 92-97 97-102 102-107
Shoulder Width 30-33 33-40 36-43 40-50 50-58 55-60

Binder Size Chart (Inches)

Chest Circumference 30-32 32-34 34-36 36-38 38-40 40-42
Shoulder Width 12-13 13-15 14-17 15-19 19-23 21-24


How do I get the right measurements?

Getting the right measurements is essential to getting the right size of binder for you. If you're getting our sports binder or long binder, you'll need your chest  and shoulder measurements.

You can get your bust measurement by measuring under your armpits over the fullest part of your chest (circumference). The shoulder measurement can be taken from one end of the shoulder (where your shoulder meets your arm) to the other.

To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend wearing close-fitting or no clothing. Taking your measurements over layers of clothing may lead to inaccurate results.

Which binder is best for me?

Chest binders are meant to be tight, like a second skin. You should be able to breathe and move easily without the binder causing any unnecessary discomfort. That being said, we have a wide range of binders to accommodate different needs, preferences, and body types.

If you have a larger chest, we recommend choosing a long binder rather than a sports binder because the extra fabric allows for more compression and gives your chest more room.

If you are between sizes, or have broader shoulders, we recommend choosing the larger size.

Ultimately, the right type of binder depends on your preferences and your lifestyle. Binding safely means choosing the right size. Please do not deliberately choose a smaller size. Getting the binder on will be difficult, and binding too tightly can lead to injury and other health concerns. 

Need more help?

If you have any questions about sizing, let us know! We always happy to give you advice on which size and binder is right for you! You can email us or contact us here.


Are there any delays due to COVID-19?

Yes. Shipping delays up to 6-8 weeks may occur for countries like the USA, Australia and currently the UK. It really depends on the post offices in your country, so please check delays for your country via the post offices. Shipments within Europe can be as fast as next day delivery up until 3 weeks. This all has to do with COVID-19.


How much is shipping?

Please be aware that this is an estimate, to get the exact amount of your country, add a product and go to the checkout page. 

Netherlands $5,95
Belgium $7,95
Germany $6,50
Rest of Europe $9,95 - $12,95
Rest of the World $9,95 - $14.95

How long does it take to ship?

Within Europe 1-6 Day Shipping.

International 7-12 Day Shipping.

Please be aware that there are delays due to COVID-19. 

Order status?

Once your shipment has been sent out, you will receive an email with a tracking link and information about your shipment. You can check the link for any updates on your shipment. Or login to your account here.


Our Paxsies Sports Binders are specially designed to ensure full comfort and safety while minimizing your chest, without compromising effectiveness. The lower neckline means it can be worn subtly underneath most shirts while still providing full chest coverage. Made with a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric and thinner shoulder straps, our binders will help keep you cool, especially at the gym and on warmer days!

  • Safe compression with a lower neckline in the front
  • Can safely be worn at the gym, during exercise, and while swimming! 
  • Breathable and comfortable with thinner straps 
  • Available in three different colors: black, white, and beige 
  • Wash at a temperature of 30° C on a normal washing cycle, allow to air dry (not suitable for the dryer)
  • Available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL
  • Worldwide shipping 


  • Be sure to choose the right size to prevent injury 
  • Binders should not be worn longer than 8 hours per day as this can lead to serious injury
  • Do not wear this product while sleeping

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