Make LOVE Label

Make LOVE Label

Paxsies has an exciting announcement to make! You can win a free year of boxers!

How to win?

Purchase one of our boxers. This can be our solids or gender-neutral boxers with pockets.

Check if you find the label with LOVE on it, like in the pictures.

This special LOVE label can be found in only six of our boxers shorts.



Obviously, they're made with love but we want to share said love with you.

Six lucky owners will get a free year of our Paxsies underwear.

What do the winners get?

Specifically, that means the happy winners

  • Receive 1 pair of boxers each month (total 12 months).
  • Boxers model depends on availability & current popularity.
  • Type of boxers will be picked by us, but you can share your preferences.

I got a LOVE label! What now?

Please reach out to us and contact us at

Subject line: LOVE Label Winner


  • Take a clear picture with you and the Love Label underwear.
  • Mention what size boxers you'll need.
  • Add your address and full name so we can make sure you receive those 12 boxers!