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Happy in your skin - Gender Euphoria starts here

Paxsies created the All in on Packing boxers and Gender Neutral Boxers with pockets & super comfortable binders just for you. Made to feel comfortable in your skin again. Gender euphoria starts today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Absolutely Amazing

Best packing boxers I've tried. I have cake bandit, axolom, and these ones. These are BY FAR the absolute best. They are the only ones that don't make your packer sit awkwardly or make your bulge bigger since they sit much closer to your body. The pouch is sewn into the inside makes it look more natural in my opinion.


I’m really pleased with these pants . I’ve been searching near & far for something that is comfortable and Projects the man I am.
I will be getting more.

G. Haggan

Very happy with this binder!

The service was insane, I ordered on a Friday afternoon and got it the next day delivered!! (In the Netherlands) I was excited and so happy. For me this first binder is a gamechanger, my shirts fits and falls better, I can feel myself in it! Thank you.


Love the binder!
This binder is super comfortable and works well for me. I really wanted one with the straps far apart so they wouldn't be as visible. This works great for that. I have a smaller chest and this worked fine for me but i feel like it wouldn't on a bigger chest.



Bought these for myself and honestly I love them. They help me so much with my bottom dysphoria. The boxers are comfy and the pouch helps with keeping everything in place. And you can even customise the size of the foam packer!



They make an awesome fit and I love to wear them everywhere I go...I get a lot of gender euphoria from them!


My go-to binder

I tried several binders from various brands, and this was my favourite by far. I was able to wear it on a daily basis without being particularly uncomfortable. I had a rather large chest, but still people were actually surprised when I got top surgery, because thanks to my binder, they actually thought I'd had it long ago


Gender euphoria

When I got these I was unsure they were gonna work but I cut the foam to size and put them on and instantly felt gender euphoria the fabric is so soft and has no chaffing definitely recommend


Works Great!

One of the best decisions I've ever made. Works great for hiking, work, exercise- the whole ten miles!



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