Black all-in-one packing boxers
Black all-in-one packing boxers
Black all-in-one packing boxers
Black all-in-one packing boxers
Black all-in-one packing boxers
Black all-in-one packing boxers
Black all-in-one packing boxers
Black all-in-one packing boxers

Black all-in-one packing boxers

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The packing boxers have a removable, firm foam packer situated inside the fabric of the boxers, which creates a natural-looking bulge. The foam is sturdy, yet lightweight and therefore it feels like wearing any other boxer. 

  • Made out of Biodegradebale Modal (45%), Cotton (50%), Elastane (5%). 
  • Closeable Pouch with a small button
  • 100% secure during any activity
  • One firm foam packer per boxer - *cut them to the size of your liking
  • Washable as a whole (check our washing advice)
  • Worldwide Shipment
  • Suitable for swimming - wear them under your swimshorts  suitable to swim
    Size Charts FtM Packing Boxers
    binders ftm size chart

    How do you measure your sizes?

    size measure ftm binders transguys
    • Wear close-fitting clothing while measuring. If you measure over layers of t-shirts and sweaters, you will not measure accurately.
    • Pay attention to topped bras and straps that are too tight.
    • Many tape measures have sizes on both sides. Make sure to look to the right side when measuring.

    How do I determine which size and model is best for me?

    • Full firm breasts are more difficult to flatten than loose, slightly hanging chest. Even if your chest is small, we recommend the extra strong material for firm breasts.
    • If there is a big difference between your chest size and your waist size, the “hourglass figure”, choose the size that corresponds to your waist size, not your chest size.
    • Bigger breasts are easier to flatten in a singlet than in a short basic top. Simply because there is more room to divide the chest.
    • If you are in between sizes, we recommend looking at your shoulder size; If you have broad shoulders, choose the largest size.
    • Do not deliberately choose a smaller size. You will not be able to get the binder on.
    • Binders are meant to be tight, like a second skin. You should be able to breathe and move easily without the fabric cutting your skin.

    If you have any questions about your sizes, let us know! We are happy to advise. You can email us or contact us here.

    We currently only sell one size of foam filling. We have noticed that some of our customers prefer a smaller bulge and that the edges of the foam can be a bit hard which makes them itchy. We recommend cutting the foam with sharp scissors (to avoid fraying). Try to cut off layer by layer, to get the perfect fit of your liking.

    In the photo you see the white foam normal size at the top, the black foam normal size in the middle and the black foam cut off at the bottom. The bulge will look smaller in your underwear after cutting as well. 


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    Maki M.
    Canada Canada
    Highly satisfied!

    These boxers are soooo comfortable! I love the fabric, the fit and the look of them with my packer. I think the only small thing I don't like is how the pouch tends to flip a little bit sideways sometimes because it's only sewn at the top + 2 bottom corners. If I could, I would've given 4.7 stars lol.

    Eelco L.
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Great comfort and look

    Feels and looks great! Very comfortable and has a great but subtle look to it. Would 100% recommend.

    Samuel R.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Very comfortable

    These were so comfy and a lot better than other packing options. They don’t move around, and you can where them all the time and you can’t feel them which is a big problem with a normal packer

    Ilan F.
    Germany Germany

    Best underwear for packing! The size of the packing-pocket fits perfectly with my packer and it helps to hold it in place so I don't have to worry if my packer is upside down or not. Material is soft and rubber band embrace your body. I absolutely recommend!

    Ash R.
    Canada Canada
    Amazing Product

    Fits well, really comfortable