Top 5 Sports Essentials for Trans Men & Transmasculine People

Want to get more active, but not sure where to start? In this blog post we’ll cover our top 5 essentials for sporty people.


    1. A Paxsies Sports Chest Binder

      Sports Binders Paxsies Short Black


      Most chest binders are dangerous to wear during exercise because they constrict your chest and limit your breathing. They can also get way too hot and uncomfortable. However, you shouldn’t have to choose between chest binding and doing the activities you love. That’s where the Paxsies Sports Binders come in! They’re specially designed to take the pressure off your rib cage while still flattening the chest tissue, so they’re safe for running, swimming, the gym, or whatever cool stuff you’re doing out there! They’ve got thinner straps than our standard chest binders, and are made of a breathable moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool while you’re working out.

      You can find the Paxsies Sports Chest Binders here.


        2. A Paxsies All-in-One Packing Boxers


          a white trans man wearing Paxsies Pride Black all-in-one packing boxers

          If you’re getting active, you want to know your packer is comfy and secure. Paxsies All-in-One Packing Boxers have a button-up pocket to keep your packer safely just where you want it. Use the foam packer that comes included, or swap it out for your own. Even better, no sweaty silicone getting stuck against you. You can even take them swimming—just pop a pair of trunks over the top and you’re ready to go!

          You can find the Paxsies All-in-One Packing Boxers in a bunch of different designs here!


            3. A Buddy (or several!) 

            You don’t need us to tell you how intimidating it can be for trans people to take up a new sport, go to the gym, or go swimming. But having a friend you trust, especially if they’re already confident with the place/activity you’re going to, can really help with that. If you’re doing a solo activity like running or cycling, it can be a good idea to have someone with you for safety anyway.

            If you’re joining a sports club, you might want to ask the people at the club itself ahead of time if they’ve had transgender members before, or try and find out what changing facilities they have. You might decide you’ll be more comfortable getting changed into sports kit at home and waiting until you get home afterwards to shower. Also, if you know other trans people in your area, asking them about their experiences with different gyms or sports clubs can be really useful.

            It’s worth keeping an eye open for trans only sports events. In Belfast the Rainbow Project runs swim events , renting out the whole pool so it’s only trans people there, giving people privacy and the space to enjoy themselves without worrying about safety. There may be similar events in your local area, or if you’re part of a LGBTQ+ group you could ask if they would organise one.

            Read more about how to get involved with LGBTQ+ groups in your area here.


              4. Stuff to keep cool – Water bottle, Fan, Flannel etc.

              Everyone needs to keep hydrated and stay cool when exercising, but this is especially important if you’re going to chest bind. You’ll be wearing more layers than most people, and even a specific Sports Binder is going to get hot. Make sure you’ve got plenty of water or your favourite sports drink on hand and you take regular breaks. If you’re in a sports club, make sure your coach is giving you enough chances to take a breather and rehydrate, and don’t be too shy to ask if you need more. Have fun, but stay safe!


                5. Pride Themed Equipment

                Add a bit of fun into your workout with some Pride merch! It might be a sweatband, your shoelaces, stickers on your water bottle… this site even has Pride golf balls! Some sports clubs do special Pride variants of their kit, so keep an eye out for that. Remind yourself of all your hard work getting to this point, and everything great that’s still yet to come.


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