Top 11 best FTM packers & Chest-binders | Paxsies

1.Paxsies All-in-one Packing Boxers

ftm packing boxers



Basically, this item is a pre-packed boxers. The packing boxers have a removable, firm foam packer situated inside the fabric of the boxers, which creates a natural-looking bulge. The foam in the boxers is sturdy, yet lightweight and therefore it feels like wearing any other boxer. Every boxers includes a firm foam packer, so you don’t have to worry about buying any other packer. You can score these items for $29.95 each or in bundles (3 items) for $64.95. When you buy 3 or more of their undies they are discounted up to 20% OFF. 

ftm packer / packing underwear



Paxsies designed their underwear with the idea that the underwear needed to be comfortable to wear, lightweight, cheap and it needed to create a natural-looking bulge without to many hassle. They didn’t like the idea of having to buy the underwear and then separately having to buy a packer and pay a lot of money, just to feel comfortable in your undies. They saw that this wasn't yet available on the market and wanted to be able to provide this.

They also wanted to sure that whatever you would put into your pouch (packer, socks or their foam packer) it wouldn’t come out. That’s why the pouch has a handy little button, so it’s 100% secure during all your activities, whether is yoga, running or even having a swim! 


 2. Bundle Paxsies underwear (3-pack) or buy 3+ items and get 15% OFF.

all-in-one packing boxers ftm trans guys

You wanna go a little crazy? You can buy bundle packs or buy 3+ items of the All-in-one packing boxers, meaning you will get a bunch of discounts. FtM packing needs to be easy and accessible for everyone, and that’s exactly the goal of paxsies. You don’t need a packing boxer? You can also check out their gender-neutral boxers with pockets, how handy!


3. Socks

ftm packing / packing underwear ftm / ftm packer

You don’t feel comfortable with a normal packer or the foam, but you do want to try how packing feels. Then we recommend you to try socks first. 

Roll them up, check how many you need and put them in your pants. The good thing about having underwear with a pouch is that the socks wouldn’t come out easy and don’t shift in your underwear. Of course, not everyone in the community packs, but it could help you with bottom dysphoria. Bottom dysphoria is a term that describes one’s discomfort with their genitalia mismatching their gender identity.



 4. DIY Packer 

DIY packer FtM transguys / trans men

DO IT YOURSELF! Tight on a budget or you want to see if packing is something right for you? You can choose to make A FTM packer yourself. There are many youtube videos on how to make one yourself. It’s a great way to try if you would like to wear a packer. Check this link for a good explanation tutorial on how to do it. There are also many other youtube tutorials you can find in making your own FTM packing garment. 


5. Stitch Bug studio Soft Packer (children sizes available)

ftm packer

We accidentally bumped into this product on Etsy and fell in love with it immediately, it’s an environmentally friendly handmade product and is washable in the washing machine. A very elegant and soft packer. Another great thing is that you can buy them in children's sizes as well! 

It might not be as realistic compared to a silicone packer, but it does have the shape and weight. It also stays fresh in your pants and it won’t get sticky when it gets warm. Which can happen when using a silicone packer. You can find these packers here for around $24.95. They come in different colors and shapes.


6. Mr Limpy 

The Cheapest most realistic silicone FTM soft packer

If you are looking for a more realistic look and feel and don’t care about the weight in your underwear, we would recommend you to check out Mister Limpy. They come in different sizes and you can find them online from €19.95. 


7. Emisil 

Check also other similar options like Mr. right, Pee cock Packer and Gender Cat Packers. 

 ftm packer trans guys packing boxers


The FtM Packer - super realistic penis packer (high budget)

‘A group of enthusiastic people, experienced in silicone molding, came together in 2008 with an idea to craft a high-quality penis prosthetic that's made out of artificial materials and yet feels like the real thing.’ - Emisil

And so they did. They come in 16 different forms including hair in your choice of color or no hair if you don’t want it. Within a price range of around $100 - $500, you can get an STP packer, normal packer or even an erect FTM packer. 


Best Chest-Binders FtM on the market 

1. Sports Binders extra-strong - only made by our company

Swim and exercise in your Binders! Yes, you can exercise with the sports binder. It was designed for that. The back is lower and the bottom is higher so that there is minimal pressure on your ribs, but the top still presses the chest flat. The important thing with a  binder is that your lungs should be able to move freely during exercise, swimming, and sleep. They have examined their products with several doctors and medical staff and they meet those criteria. We recommend this binder for slightly smaller cups.

Note that it is very important that you wear the right size. Some people want to have a flat as possible chest and therefore wear too tight tops. That is really unwise with sports articles!


2. Singlet Binders extra strong

We recommend this singlet binder FTM for slightly bigger cups. As there is more material, the binding will be stronger. It’s a shirt model, so it doesn’t have a top or bra-feeling, which some people prefer. It also corrects the female curve on the abdomen.

EXTRA STRONG material used for extra-strong binding.

3. Basic Binders extra strong


The basic binder is very similar to the sports binder but doesn’t have the low cut at the back. Because this binder doesn’t have the lower cut, it is very suitable for people with bigger cups as the binder is stronger.  And they even used extra strong materials in the binders to create a flatter chest.


4. Basic Binder


The basic binder is very similar to the basic binder extra-strong the only difference is that it doesn’t have the extra strong materials.