4 Ways To Chest Bind Without A Binder

So, you've decided to start chest binding! If you want to flatten your chest, a specially designed chest binder is going to be safest and easiest way to do that. But everyone’s got their own circumstances, and if that’s not an option for you then there are still a couple of things you can do. In this post, we’ll look at 6 ways to chest bind without a binder and how to stay safe when doing so!

Warning: never use duct tape or a homemade binder, it’s too dangerous. It can tear your skin, restrict your breathing, and damage your ribs.

1. Working Out

It’s not possible to target specific areas to reduce fat (the main component of chest tissue) but you can target muscle groups to tone. Focusing your work outs on your chest area muscles such as your pecs can change the way your chest tissue sits, giving it a flatter appearance. If you’re noticeably fit, if people do notice your chest, they’re likely to assume you just have strong pecs.

You can read about how to exercise to strengthen your pecs at home here.

black man doing sit ups

2. Sports Bra

Using a sports bra is a subtle way to flatten your chest that won’t be questioned by anyone. Look for sports bras without padding, and offer full coverage of the front of your chest. It’s best to shop in person for this so you can try on different types to find what works best for you. If you’re uncomfortable doing this alone, you could bring a female friend with you and say it’s for her.

Make sure you don’t get one that’s too small and the straps don't dig into you, it should be comfortable and you need to be able to move and breath easily. You could also layer 2 sports bras to flatten your chest more.

3. Compression Bra

A compression bra is often used for people recovering from breast surgery, but can also be used for sports (as compression sports bras) or to get the appearance of a flatter chest. They can be more expensive than a regular sports bra, but provide more support and compression. They vary in design, but you can get ones which look less like traditional bras and provide more coverage over your chest.

You can find a guide to compression bras here.

4. Trans Tape

Trans Tape is adhesive tape designed to allow you to bind safely without a binder. It comes in a variety of colours for different skin tones, and also can be used for packing and tucking. You can also buy an oil to help remove the tape without damaging your skin.

You can find out more about Trans Tape here.

As you can see, there are several methods you can use to bind without using a chest binder, and you might need to try out a couple to see what works best for you. Be careful to stay safe by taking regular breaks from binding, and making sure you stop as soon as you feel any pain or discomfort.

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