(Remote) internship at Paxsies

(Remote) internship at Paxsies

Would you love to work for an LGBTQ+ brand having an impact on changing social norms? And do you want to turn your passion for content creation, design, social media, marketing, and SEO-optimization into a job, but need more experience on your CV?

And are you looking for a flexible, location-independent internship in a multi-cultural open-minded organization? Then you might be interested in doing an internship with us!


We are Paxsies, a team with diverse identities and from various backgrounds with a unified vision of a more inclusive world for everybody. The world is changing rapidly and we have arrived at a time in which transgender people are finally finding a voice and are able to come out to find the person they were born to be. Annually, the number of people that identify themselves as being outside the heteronormative binary gender system is growing rapidly. While diversity of gender and sexuality is increasing, many products and services are lacking behind.
From both personal experience, as well as listening to the stories from other people, we understand the struggles and challenges many are facing. A lot of change has to come to create a world in which everybody feels welcome and represented. It is clear there is a need for a more diverse range of products and loads of innovation! And this includes very basic things — like underwear.

We’re not a typical company

We do not have a fixed office. We all work from temporary work spaces, all over the world. We have people working from Reunion, the Netherlands, Portugal and England.  

Interns can work from wherever they want, and we will keep in contact with very regular video meetings. Of course we will try to make sure we meet in person too!


We have loads of interesting work in the content creation, social media, design, marketing fields & SEO optimizations. 

Mostly, it will come down to:

  • Social media marketing and content creation (knowledge of Photoshop is a plus)
  • Managing social media channels
  • Social Media “metrics” – keeping statistics, and thinking of strategies for improvement
  • Link building through guest blog post
  • SEO optimizations
  • Product design and improvement

In terms of responsibility, the sky is the limit, when students prove to be competent and hungry for knowledge and experience. If you have good ideas, we’d be open to execute them!

Whats in it for you?

  • You will learn about how we run a small flexible 21st century style multi-national company
  • You will work directly with the founder on exciting new projects
  • We love helping you find your passion, and help you in your career

This is an unpaid internship. Although, we are open to discuss expenses.

What Paxsies expects

We expect ambitious students who are very eager to learn, and work independently.


  • Fluent or near-fluent in English – written as well as spoken
  • Knowledgeable about and very interested in social media
  • You must have access to a laptop and fast internet connection
  • Living in Lagos, Portugal or in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is a plus

Time & conditions

32+ hours per week, with a minimum commitment for 3 months (the more and the longer – the more responsibility you can take on). To a large extent it’s up to you what time you work. We expect you to check emails and reply to important comments at least once a day.


If you’re interested, have a proposal for an internship or would like to have more information, please contact us at paxsies@gmail.com