We are Paxsies, a team with diverse identities and from various backgrounds with a unified vision of a more inclusive world for everybody. The world is changing rapidly and we have arrived at a time in which transgender people are finally finding a voice and are able to come out and find the person they were born to be. Annually, the number of people that identify themselves as being outside the heteronormative binary gender system is growing rapidly. While the diversity of gender and sexuality is increasing, many products and services are lacking behind.
From both personal experience, as well as listening to the stories from the people, we understand the struggles and challenges many are facing and a lot of change has to come to create a world in which everybody feels welcome and represented. It is clear there is a need for a more diverse range of products and loads of innovation! And this includes very basic things — like underwear.

Thanks for hearing us! 

You are our support and our drive. 



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