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Est. 2019

We are Paxsies, a team with diverse backgrounds and identities dedicated to making underwear products for everyone, all around the world. The world is changing rapidly, and more people worldwide have finally found the words to describe who they are and the freedom to openly express themselves. We believe that feeling comfortable and complete in your own skin is extremely important, and that simple things, like putting on a pair of underwear, can have more of a positive impact than one might think.

From both personal experience and listening to people’s stories, we understand the struggles and challenges that many people face and believe that to create a world in which everybody feels welcome and represented, we need change.

We constantly seek more ways to drive that change by listening to our community to provide what they need and improve what we already offer. Our dream is to have equality in the world in every possible way. To normalise different. Our dream product wise is to provide accessible, high-quality products that help people express themselves, no matter who they are. 

To us, Paxsies is more than just a brand - it’s a movement towards inclusion, equality, and self-expression. A movement that starts from the simplest things, just like underwear.

Much Love, The Team


Siyen - Founder of Paxsies

Since founding Paxsies in 2019, Siyen has focused on its constant growth and improvement, particularly through community engagement. He's an amazing team player, and believes that a strong team that's passionate about what they do is key to Paxsies' success. On work days, he ensures that everything runs smoothly and focuses on mentoring our interns. On his off days, Siyen loves playing sports, especially tennis, running, and football (or soccer, depending on where you're from).

Daniel - Social Media Manager

Daniel started with Paxsies as an intern in late 2020,and officially became the social media manager for Paxsies a couple of months later. Apart from directly interacting with our customers to ensure their experience is as smooth as possible, he also writes posts on our blog (go check it out, if you haven't already)! When he's not answering customer queries or writing new blogs, you can find him cooking up a storm in the kitchen or doing volunteer work with local trans organizations.

Reece - Marketing

Reece works with Paxsies on what he considers to be one of the most important missions in modern society: bringing equality to all. He directly speaks to the market and get the word out about Paxsies and what we are trying to achieve. It’s his job to let people know that they are not alone, and that there are brands created to support them. Whether it’s conveying the importance of removing “labels” from underwear in the introduction of gender-neutral boxers, or helping people find clothes that enhance their self-expression, the advertisements Reece creates with Paxsies are designed to build on an already incredibly loyal & supportive community.

Cassidy - Social Media Manager (intern)

Cassidy began working as an intern with Paxsies in August of 2021. She helps the team with marketing, creating content for Paxsies’ TikTok page, and day-to-day business operations. She studied her undergrad degree in music performance in Canada, where she's originally from, and has just completed her master’s degree in music management in Sheffield, England. When not working, Cassidy has a passion for writing and performing music, teaching her guitar students, reading, and fighting for social causes dear to her.

Mary - SEO/ Blog writing (intern)

Mary began at Paxsies in April 2021 and helps Daniel run the blog. As a creative writing student, she’s passionate about telling stories about queer and disabled people, so she’s especially excited to work on the upcoming Paxsies podcast. When she’s not conquering writers block or down a research rabbit hole, she’s a welfare officer for her local LGBTQ+ group, and enjoys tabletop games and sci-fi novels.

Max - Paxsies's podcaster

Max joined the team to combine his passion for social justice with his love of sound. That's how they became Paxsies' Podcaster. They love creating/listening to/playing music, biking around, petroleum blue and being queer.

Arlo - Content Creator (Intern)

Arlo is a content creator for Paxsies. He is in his 5th semester of his design studies, and was looking for a part-time design gig to get more experience. Arlo is passionate about photography and film, and as our content creation intern, he focuses on telling stories and showcasing our products through his lens. In his free time, he loves doing analogue street photography, especially because he never knows what the end product will be!

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