14 Underwear Styles for Trans Women | MTF Underwear Guide

We all wear underwear pretty much all the time, making it one of the most important items of clothing to get right. We all have different requirements—do you want to be comfortable, feel sexy, show it off or stay discreet?—and trans women have a few more things to take into account.

The good news is there are so many different styles of women’s underwear that you’re bound to find something that works for you. The bad news is there’s so many different styles of women’s underwear that how are you going to find something that works for you? And the even better news is we’ve put together this guide to MTF underwear to help every trans woman find the right style that works for her.

This guide is arranged loosely in order of most to least coverage, but it’s also useful to note that these cuts aren’t strictly defined, and the names may vary between brands. It’s good to shop around and have a think about what’s most important to you when it comes to MTF underwear.

This guide doesn’t assume that you’ve had bottom surgery, or that you’re tucking.


14 Underwear Styles for Trans Women


1. G-String

Starting with the least butt cheek coverage, a G-string is about as skimpy as you can go while still technically wearing underwear. It covers the crotch but pretty much nothing else, and the straps are very thin. The idea is to avoid panty-lines with tight clothing, or you might just prefer feeling like you’re hardly wearing anything!

You can wear the straps at a height that’s comfortable for you, or even follow in the likes of Bella Hadid and the recent resurgence of the ‘Exposed Thong’ trend and hike them high so they’re visible over your waistband for a sexy addition to your outfit.

Your standard G-string isn’t really going to have enough coverage or material strength for much compression of the crotch area, but if that’s not a concern for you then they can be a fun, sexy-feeling option for any woman.


2. Thong

A thong is very similar to a G-string, but with slightly thicker straps. That means they can stay in place better with a similar level of comfort. Again, the butt cheeks are entirely exposed, while the crotch is covered but without any real compression of the crotch possible. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t get one though! Lots of trans women prefer not to tuck or compress and it’s never a requirement.

paxsies tucking thong mtf  

3. Gaffs

You can also buy gaffs, which are very similar to thongs but designed for trans women tucking and creating a flatter crotch area. They’re made of stronger material and are often worn under other, nicer looking underwear.


4. Tanga Brief

With slightly more bum cheek coverage, the tanga briefs are a sort of transition between the skimpier thong and G-string options, and fuller briefs. As there’s more fabric, you might get slightly more compression. They can be slightly more comfortable than thongs if you don’t like the feeling of your clothes against your skin, or they can help you get used to the sensation before you go all the way with a thong.


5. Cheeky

With possibly the most fun name on the list, the Cheeky cut is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a style of underwear with a cheeky, flirty design, modest in the front but leaving just the bottom of the cheeks exposed. Similar to a Tanga brief, it’s seen as somewhere between normal briefs and a thong, but the difference is in which part of the cheeks are left visible.

As the Cheeky cut has strong side panels and full coverage on the front, it could be a good choice for the trans woman looking for compression and sexiness in one.


6. French Cut

The French cut is also called a high cut, but French cut sounds fancier. France is, as we all know, the sexiest country, and French cut underwear can make you feel pretty sexy too.

French cut underwear has a higher waistband and the leg holes are cut high, just above the widest part of the thigh to emphasise your hips and figure. The back fully covers the bum up to the lower-back, making them perfectly comfortable underneath high-waisted trousers.

For a trans woman, the French cut may be able to provide some compression of the crotch area, but the high cut leg holes also mean it might be tricker to keep everything in place, so as always, it depends on your priorities.


7. Bikini

The Bikini cut style of underwear is just like the iconic swimwear—a low-rise waistband and high cut leg holes, with full coverage of the bum. They’re comfy, cute, and great for every day. As with all cuts, compression will depend also on the material, but they can go some way towards the appearance of a flatter crotch.


8. Hipster

Moving towards fuller coverage now, the Hipster cut is another classic, basic style it’s good to have in your wardrobe.

Hipster underwear sits low on your hips below the waist, so you can wear them with low-rise bottoms without showing the waistband. The back usually covers most or all of the cheeks. At the front, they offer fuller coverage with lower cut leg holes. Having more material at the front means they can compress better than some of the skimpier cuts, making them a good choice for any trans woman wanting to wear low-rise, tight jeans with a flatter crotch.


9. Brief

Briefs are the classic staple of women’s underwear drawers everywhere. They’ve got good coverage of the bum and a modest front. Admittedly they’re not the sexiest, but you can get some really cute patterns and they’re often fancied up a bit with laced edges or bows. The main thing is they’re comfy and you can wear them anytime with anything. For a trans woman, they can offer decent compression of the crotch depending on material, with enough coverage at the front to avoid much spillage.

paxsies flattening brief

10. High rise brief

As it says in the name, High Rise Briefs are very similar to normal Briefs except they’ve got a higher waistband, reaching up to the waist rather than the hips. Like high-waisted trousers, this can emphasise your waistline and help create the look of a curvier figure, something that can be important for MTF underwear. If you wear a lot of high-waisted bottoms and know you find them flattering, this can be a good option for you.


11. Control top brief

Control top briefs are a type of women’s shapewear designed to change your silhouette to have a flatter stomach and more of an hourglass shape. They might also lift the bum. They’re often similar in shape to high rise briefs, but are made of studier material that can change the appearance of your body more drastically. As the material is more constricting, it’s important to make sure you get accurate measures and the truest size for you, to avoid any discomfort or pain.

Due to the tighter, more constrictive nature of shapewear, it is safest for trans women to buy specifically MTF shapewear undies, as they are designed with your body shape in mind and will be safer and more effective.

For some trans women, MTF shapewear may help alleviate dysphoria and achieve their desired appearance, but it’s important to remember it’s entirely up to you whether you want to wear it or not.


12. Shorts

Also sometimes somewhat unnecessarily called ‘boyshorts’, but don’t be put off by the name. Shorts can be as sexy and feminine as any other style of women’s underwear, and are a popular lacy lingerie style.

Shorts offer full cover of the bum cheeks and front area, with the legs usually cut off just at the top of the thighs. With a stronger material, these can work as good compression underwear for trans women, with little risk of spillage.


13. Boxers

So far most of the cuts have been, understandably, more on the feminine side. But trans women have just as wide a range of expression as anyone (we see you, trans butches!) If you’ve been reading this list and thinking all these options seem a bit too revealing, uncomfortable, or just not for you, never fear! We’re not done yet.

Women’s boxers are a practical, comfortable option offering full coverage, good compression, and usually the opportunity for fun patterns! They tend to be a bit more snug and shorter than boxers marketed at men still, and can be very flattering to your bum.

If this sounds more your style, you can check out Paxsies’ very own Gender Neutral Boxers right here! They have pockets, and come in a range of cool patterns, including with our special Pride waistband.


14. Slip shorts

Slip shorts are another type of shapewear, this time focused on your thighs. They’re similar in shape to biking shorts, but again made of stronger material. They also stop chafing and eliminate panty lines, so can be a good alternative if you want to avoid that but don’t like thongs. Again, trans women should be careful with shapewear and try to find specifically MTF shapewear to stay safe and comfortable.


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