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Top 9 Best Packers & Chest-Binders of 2021

Top 9 Best Packers & Chest-Binders of 2021

The Best FTM Packing Options

Disclaimer: Content below contains images of realistic penis prosthetics that may not be suitable for certain audiences.

1.Paxsies All-in-one Packing Boxers

ftm packing boxers



Our packing boxers are the all-in-one packing solution for trans men and transmasculine people! Our packing boxers have a removable, firm foam packer secured in a pocket attached to the boxers, which creates a natural-looking bulge. The foam in the boxers is sturdy and lightweight so it feels like wearing any other boxer. Every boxer includes a firm foam packer. You can score these items for $29.95 each or in bundles (3 items) for $64.95. When you buy 3 or more of our boxers, they are discounted up to 10% OFF. 

ftm packer / packing underwear



We at Paxsies designed our underwear with the idea that the underwear needed to be comfortable to wear, lightweight, cheap and it needed to create a natural-looking bulge without to many hassle. We didn’t like the idea of having to buy the underwear and then separately having to buy a packer and pay a lot of money, just to feel comfortable in your undies. We saw that this wasn't available yet, and wanted to be able to provide this solution.

We also wanted to ensure that whatever you put into the pouch (packer, socks or the foam packer) stays in there. That’s why the pouch has a handy little button, so it’s 100% secure during all your activities, whether that be yoga, running or even swimming!


 2. Bundle Paxsies underwear (3-pack) or buy 3+ items and get 15% OFF.

all-in-one packing boxers ftm trans guys

Is one not enough? You can buy bundle packs or buy 3+ items of the All-in-one packing boxers! FTM packing needs to be easy and accessible for everyone, and that’s exactly our goal. If you don't need a packing boxer, you can also check out our gender-neutral boxers with pockets!


3. Socks

folded blue sock

If you don’t feel comfortable investing in a packer, but you want to get a feel for packing, then we recommend you try socks first. 

Roll them up, check how many you need and put them in your pants. The good thing about having underwear with a pouch is that the socks wouldn’t come out easy and don’t shift in your underwear. Of course, packing isn't right for everyone, but it could help you if you experience bottom dysphoria, which is the discomfort one feels when their genitalia doesn't match their gender identity.



 4. DIY Packer 

Ftmprosthetic Instagram posts (photos and videos) -

If your socks don't cut it but you want to see if investing in a packer is right for you, you can choose to make a DIY packer yourself. There are many youtube videos on how to make one yourself. Check out this link for a good tutorial on how to do it. There are also many other youtube tutorials you can find on making your own packing harness.


5. Stitch Bug studio Soft Packer 

ftm packer

We accidentally bumped into this product on Etsy and fell in love with it immediately. Stitch Bug Studio soft packers are an environmentally friendly handmade product, and is machine-washable. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and are very elegant and soft packers. You can buy them in children's sizes as well! 

It may not be as realistic as a silicone packer, but it does have the shape and weight. They're a great option if your skin is sensitive to silicone, and they stay fresh in your pants and it don't get sticky when it gets warm. You can find these packers for around $24.95. 


6. Mr Limpy 

The Cheapest most reliable silicone FTM soft packer

If you are looking for a more realistic look and feel and don’t care about the weight in your underwear, we would recommend you check out Mister Limpy. They come in different sizes and you can find them online from €19.95. 


7. Emisil Packers

 ftm packer trans guys packing boxers


Emisil - a super realistic packer

‘A group of enthusiastic people, experienced in silicone molding, came together in 2008 with an idea to craft a high-quality penis prosthetic that's made out of artificial materials and yet feels like the real thing.’ - Emisil

And so they did. They come in 16 different forms, depending on your needs and preferences. You can get a normal packer, an STP packer, or even an erect packer for play. You can also opt to include hair if you want to! Bear in mind, they're on the expensive side with a price range of roughly $100 - $500.

If Emisil packers aren't for you, but you want a more realistic packer, you can also check also other options like Mr. right, Pee cock Packer and Gender Cat Packers, which all offer packing solutions at different price points.


The Best Chest Binding Options

1. Paxsies Short Sports Chest Binder

white transmasculine person from the side wearing a black sports chest binder

Swim and exercise in your Binders! We at Paxsies designed our extra-strong sports binders for that very purpose. The back is lower and the bottom is higher so that there is minimal pressure on your ribs, but the top still presses your chest flat. The important thing with a binder is that your lungs should be able to move freely during exercise and swimming. Researchers at the Free University of Amsterdam have tested our extra-strong sports binder for these criteria (spoiler alert: we passed).

The new sports binders come in black or white, and are made of a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, so you can stay cool and fresh on hot summer days!

Note that it is very important that you wear the right size. Getting a smaller size will not give your chest a flatter appearance, and can cause serious injury.


2. Paxsies Short Basic Chest Binders

white transmasculine person wearing a white v neck chest binder

Our new and improved basic binder is very similar to the sports binder but with a higher cut back. Because this of the extra material, it is suitable for people with larger cup sizes, as the binder is stronger.

Our new binders are made of lycra, and have two compression panels to effectively flatten the chest. They’re especially designed to ensure full comfort and safety without compromising on effectiveness.

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