5 Shows with trans or non-binary characters

Who doesn’t like a great show to binge when you are having some time off? 

Lay back on your couch or in your bed, turn on the screen and drift away into other people’s adventures and drama for a few minutes or a few hours. Sometimes, it can be extra fun and affirming to see people like yourselves reflected on the big screen. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of contemporary shows that feature trans and/or non-binary characters. These characters are either the main lead or are recurring supporting characters.

1 Barney Guttman - Dead End Paranormal Park

Full body shot of barney. A blue-haired cartoon boy with a blue shirt and yellow dress shirt on top.

We start off this list with a cartoon. Yes, cartoons because cartoons aren’t only for children. This Netflix show has a fat, gay, trans male character in the lead together with an autistic, bisexual Pakistani-American girl. Barney and Norma, respectively, get a job in a themed action park where nothing is what it seems. The park appears to be haunted and after some demonic interference, Barney’s trusty dog Pugsley gets possessed and gains the ability to speak. If you like horror-comedy, this show might be for you! With its colorful and whimsical cast you’re certainly in for a wild and often dangerous ride.

2 Elle Argent - Heartstopper

Photo of Elle. She weras glasses, a light brown coat and her school uniform underneath.


This Netflix show is adapted from the bestselling webcomic series written and drawn by Alice Oseman. This is mainly a sweet, heartwarming coming of age story featuring Charlie Spring who falls in love with classmate Nick Nelson. Throughout the series you follow these two young boys navigate their regular school life, all the drama it can ensue and navigating their identities and feelings toward each other. The duo is accompanied by an incredible supporting cast. One of such characters is Elle Argent, she is one of Charlie’s best friends. However, after she came out as transgender, she was transferred from the all-boys school to the Higgs Girls School. Although she’s a supporting member, she has quite some screen time and even has a romantic plot arc.

3 Pose 

Group shot of a few characters from Pose.


Pose is a FX show that features many transgender characters. The leading cast are mainly trans women and transfemme people who are also played by transgender and non-binary actors. The series follows the turbulent ballroom life of the 80s in New York. The series is mainly a drama where heavy topics such as racism and transphobia are often recurring themes. The AIDS-crisis is at an all-time high during the show and multiple characters have to live with HIV or even succumb to the illness due to society’s refusal to help black queer people. However, there is also room for hope and heartfelt moments and one of the few shows that feature tender but passionate sex scenes with trans characters.

4 Jules Vaughn - Euphoria


Picture of Jules Vaughn. She has her hair tied behind her head, arms crossed and smiles.


Another famous drama show on HBO features the character of Jules Vaugh, a transgender girl who has a turbulent relationship with Euphoria’s main lead, Rue. In this intense drama full of emotions, heartbreak, sex and drugs, Jules is presented as this manic pixie dream (trans) girl that’s often reserved for cisgender girls. The character is three-dimensional and isn’t a bland walking stereotype. Jules is complex, imperfect, and after all, human.

5  Jim Jimenez - Our Flag Means Death


Our Flag Means Death is a queer romantic comedy set during the Golden Age of Piracy. The show has an extensive queer cast. It follows Stede Bonnet, an aristocrat leaving his old life of manners and riches behind to become a pirate. With a tight knit crew onboard the ship The Revenge Bonnet encounters the infamous and dangerous Blackbeard. Against all odds, the two men from two very different worlds, fall in love. The supporting crew consists of many characters. One of them  is Jim Jimenez a non-binary pirate. Jim is played by non-binary actor Vico Ortiz who said that thanks to their interaction with fans of the show, they felt themselves allowed to get gender-affirming top surgery after having seen fanart of their character with top surgery scars.