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Route Package Protection

Good one

I bought the L- size, it's not to tight for me and also not too loose. 1.75 tall and usually i am inbetween size M and L. If you want very tight probably the shorter version is better, but i like the longer one. Nice company, good customer service as well.

Beste ooit

Beste ondergoed ooit
Voel me een heel zelfzeker in!

Probably the best packing underwear out there

Had those for 2 whole years, no complaints. Quite the high-quality item and extremely soft and comfortable as well.

Soft, gender-affirming product and good customer service

I love my packing boxers. Have had a couple pairs for a few years - these white ones and a white pair from the pride collection.
The fit is good for a small butt. I like my underwear extra loose, and these might run a little bit smaller than H&M white boxers. So while I usually wear L, (and I'm on the upper scale of Paxsies L), then I prefer Paxsies XL.
Another perk of the packing boxers: The foam can also be used in regular boxers (although this caused the edges to flare and the top fabric to fall off - but obviously I didn't use the foam as intended, simply within a pocket on the inside of the boxers)
Also, applause for Paxsies for always quick and helpful customer service:-)

Best packing boxers

I love the colors of these. They fit perfectly on me. They are super comfortable and gives a natural look.

Best underwear

These are the best packing underwear I have used. I feel amazing in them and they fit so well.


Really help with dysphoria

Great size chart

The size chart is very informative and easy to follow


Very happy!


It's really comfy and it compresses way better than my other binder from a different brand. The shoulder straps (idk how to call it) are a bit too big but that's ok. I'd give it 6/5 if I could.


They work well

best binder i’ve ever had!

sooooo comfortable even with extended wear! & compresses my chest in a way that looks completely natural (no lumpy/low pecs or weird side pudge near the armpits)! i also don’t get back/shoulder pain like i’ve experienced with other brands & no difficulty breathing. the lower neckline also lets me wear shirts i never could with other binders! i've never felt so affirmed before, i love my paxsies binder so so so much!!

Ok but won't be buying again

The blue pair with donuts on are fine, comfortable and look great, but the black pair came up smaller than the labelled size which is disappointing.
Customer service was good, I got in touch as my order had not arrived after a month. A replacement was sent quickly.
Overall, I won't be buying again.


Maybe add a button to the pockets, then they‘d make the perfect concert/festival underwear as ur phone stays in the pocket when in motion.

Black All-In-One Packing Boxers

Boxers are great, packer could be improved.

I ordered it on 7/9/2022, the price is quite high, considering that for this price you can get a fairly decent silicone packer or STP, but the boxers are very high quality, so maybe that's it. They are made of very good and comfortable material and they also smelled very nice :) The pouch is great too. The packer was really big though, and the moment I tried to cut it as symmetrically as possible, I was a bit disappointed that you can't choose the packer size too... maybe in the future :) I ordered it mainly because of the suit, it's a great middle way between all the options and probably the most pleasant, because when you go to the toilet and you have a normal packer, you have to take everything off and then put it on and straighten it... here it's great, you put the packer on and then you don't have to deal with anything. Nothing moves, you don't sweat, it looks good, just great.


Most comfortable boxers I own, definitely a confidence booster

Long Binder (Black)

Just received my first Paxsies binder in the mail here in Australia 🇦🇺🪃. Having a large chest myself, it's been hard to find the right binder, but this one fits well and the compression is really good! Feels comfortable to wear and can tell this binder will last me waaay longer than a lot of these other binders I've tried. Will definitely be purchasing again! 😊

Black All-In-One Packing Boxers


it’s good but I think I should have gotten a smaller size


Very happy child

I bought for my child and wow he loved them helped to boost some self esteem

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