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Would love to get one but bit expensive

Small prize

Luckily I didn't need to use it, but it's good that it's an option!

I bought these over a year ago and they’re still amazing!

These boxers were the best fitting boxers I had bought plus they really helped with my dysphoria. The only downside was that the tag in the front was kinda scratchy.

Comfortable binder

I love this binder. It's comfortable, binds well and doesn't show under clothes. I am totally gonna buy another one.

ich finde für meinen ersten packer ist das ein mega start.
er sitzt perfekt (größe M) und ich fühle mich sehr wohl damit.
der versand war innerhalb von 5 tagen!
mega , ich danke euch!
ich trage diese boxer jetzt wahrscheinlich immer 😅😅

great binder!

haven't worn it for long yet but it's comfortable, feels like a tight top, the straps are thinner and don't show under shirts, doesn't restrict breathing as much as other binders. however the package isn't that discreet as it says the website on it and it's not even sealed or wrapped so that's not very safe. the 1st time putting it on, i got stuck, so i recommend you stretch/break it in a bit or wear a tight shirt under so you can pull it off (which was what saved me). to take it off i recommend rolling it up, grabbing by the straps by your back, bending over and pulling it off, it worked for me. since it gave me trouble im putting this on the review but the binder is still worth the money and the best one i have so far! really good customer service if you need help with the size. definitely recommend.

Great product, but...

I was really excited to get my first packer! the size was a bit bigger than I assumed, but I really enjoy it now and it does boost my confidence a lot. however even after wearing it once there were some minor tears and scratches visible immediately. It doesn't really affect the over all quality of the product in any way, as it is still usable as a packer just perfectly fine. But it did quite dissapoint me a little, even though these flaws after one time use are very minor.

Getting used to it

The boxers are amazing quality and fit me perfectly. It's my first time packing, so it's gonna take some time for me to get used to it, but overall it's really helping me with bottom dysphoria. The STP packer is stiff, and I'll only use this one at home to practice. Hopefully, I will order a proper one soon.

Great products

I haven’t brought anything but my friend has and they love it

Route Package Protection
Nikolai Schoenmaker
idk a title

Perfect :) ive tried different type of companies and this one is by far my favorite (also cuz its focused on shipping in Europe)! I will 100% buy again here

Not for me

It stands up to much, so making it seem like I don't have a hard-on is close to impossible. Also it came with s*x instructions which I found pretty weird.

Pride black all-in-one Packing Boxers + Budget Packer Ivory Small - Package Deal

Comfy, breathable, maybe a little high sitting

I’ll start out by saying I LOVE these, they easily became my favourite underwear immediately. The length of the legs and the super stretchy elastic helped me feel so comfortable. 5/5 without a doubt

The only note I’d make is that for larger guys who wear their undies higher, closer to their waist (in my case, to hide a bit of extra gut shirts don’t cover), the packing feature becomes a little more awkward’ The pouch in the shorts tends to sit too high, and less over the groin and more over the lower stomach. This isn’t a fault of the boxers, they’re still phenomenal boxers, but it’s something for guys getting bigger sizes to consider.

The customer service team is also an absolute delight, I can’t wait to get another pair

Perfect size, easy to use packer that don’t fall out, love the product

quite good

could be flatter but it's good for wearing for a long period of time and has a nice material on it

pocketspockets for everybody

I love those boxers
I never thougt of needing pockets in my underwear but now every time I wear a different brand Im missing them and my hands keep searching for my POCKETS
the material feels really comftable and I want more of them

So glad i biogit

Comfy and cute! Really nice first boxers

Amazing design

The level of detail on the design is amazing. Coolest boxers I own.


They make me feel way better about my appearance. They’re super comfortable

Paxsies Sports Binder Extra Strong - Black

Great Boxers!

My joyfriend loves these! They're high quality, stylish + you can customize the size of the packer.

Great gift

I bought these for a friend of mine who recently started their transition and they love them!

Size was as I had measured. Very happy 😊
The fabric is also nice and soft

It's great!

It's a tiny bit pricey, but in my opinion it's worth it. It's comfy and binds well but also isn't too strong. Definitely a good purchase

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