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I can't review the product because I never received it

Would recommend!

The Boxer fit me really well and are comfortable. In my opinion the foam is a good opportunity if you don‘t want to use a silicon packer. The Boxer got a bit colored on the inner side where the packer is inside, but that could also be my own fault.

Wish I found it sooner

By far the best binder for me I wish I had found this binder sooner and didn’t waste money on all the others it fits so amazing lightweight breathable no itchies I’m not one to right reviews but man oh man do I love this binder so much thank you to the pixie team oh yeah and it supports around the ribs with no random pocket flair thingy in the middle of your chest I hate the hovering feeling feels like my chest is going to pop/slip right out

Design needs some tweaks, but customer service is top notch!!

I love the pattern on this underwear! The softness of the fabric used, is also really nice!

Though after wearing it a few times I have realised that to work for my body type it needs to be modified slightly.

I am bigger and have some excess belly going on, the size L which I was recommended to get based on my measurements (and talking with staff members) doesn't accommodate my larger legs, butt, and belly. The waist band fits me correctly, BUT the logo label stitched on the front causes irritation after 1/2 days wear - a printed logo would work better.
Also, even though the waist band fits me correctly, the underwear keeps slipping down over my butt, it doesn't accommodated for my larger butt, and the legs are very stretched out when I wear them. Looking at the promotional photos on the website, everyone seems to be of a similar body size/shape. Which meant that when my butt and legs weren't accomodated in the size L I was recommended; It made me think that maybe the company hadn't tried the underwear on lots of different body types and sizes? I am not super upset about this, but I would like to see more diverse representation in the models and hopefully a change in some of the underwear sizing/design to accomodate different body shapes. I guess next time I will try an XL and hope that the waist band isn't too large :/

The other issue I was having was the packing pouch isn't quite low enough, so I was having to constantly adjust which isn't ideal (also I swapped to a smaller packer than the original, which I am going to have to cut down in size and hope it is more comfortable that way).

All that being said, the customer service I have received over the last few months, as I had postage issues, has been top notch! The team really cares about their customers! Which is why I am willing to try a second purchase.

3 stars given because of the slightly disappointing fit of the underwear.
But if I could give a seperate rating for customer service it would be 5 stars!
Thanks Paxsies Team! :)


I was actually really suprised by how flat it made me (Im small chested but still) and how comfortable it is! I now have three of these and use them on school everyday and I even tried swimming in them and that made me feel so comfortable so Thank you :)

Sports Binder Extra Strong

it's an ok packer

I'm happy with it, but I'm not happy with the info in the shop – I'd prefer to know what I'm buying. It's the Calexotics Packer Gear. Which is an ok packer, I'm fine with it. Just, I couldn't tell from the website that it was this one, I kind of assumed Paxsie had their own packers idk.

About the packer itself – I like that the balls aren't too huge, and it's definitely softer than the last "soft" silicone packer that I got, but like, not soft-soft. it tilts away from my body awkwardly, folks who use a harness won't have that problem but I don't mind much either.


I bought a pair of these for my boyfriend and as soon as he put them on, he had a giant smile plastered on his face. They fit him PERFECTLY. He's been non-stop giggles since they came in the mail. They immediately gave him relief from his dysphoria. He's planning on buying so many more.

White all-in-one packing boxers

Fit is perfect -- look is perfect -- need to order more!

Awesome for a first time!

They’re insanely comfortable, the fabric is smooth and soft and breathable. Everything fits great, and after trimming the foam insert to size and actually getting a look at myself, ive never felt so Euphoric :)

Basic Binder Extra Strong
Jannie Martie Labaniego

I love it. It gives me more confident.

These are amazing

I absolutely love them! I do recommend if you have thicker thighs that you go up a size tho

Transparancy Please

The packer itself is fine, the material is actually super soft and feels pretty lifelike, the bulge is bigger than I like but thats personal preference and not due to any defect in the product.
My real issue is that nowhere in the product description/images does this indicate it's a Calexotics product, I only found out after it arrived and saw the packaging. I could have picked this up at any local adult store for a fraction of the price, and without waiting or paying for shipping. You have one harness/brief in your catalogue marked clearly as Calexotics, why not do the same for these?

It didn’t update information about the process of my package.

I'm happy with it

I like the material and print. The waistband isn't too strong so it doesn't cut into my tummy. I could have gone a size smaller for everything to stay in its place even better but the size I got is fine, too (I got an L because of the sizing chart but an M would probably have fit me better, personally). After adjusting the foam insert everything fit really well (the video guide helped me with that). I would really like to see larger or even medium sizes in the other colours. Would gladly buy more after a restock :) Overall very happy with it.

Black all-in-one packing boxers

Grey all-in-one packing boxers

Comfort and euphoria

Good quality, wash fine, very comfortable, easy packing, love

i’m sure they would’ve been good

i never actually got em :/ they seem like they’re good tho 🤷🏽‍♂️

This is my first binder, so I don't have anything else to compare with. It does not make me completely flat, but the size of my chest would probably stand out in any other binder a bit. I would say it does the job right. I went with the size according to my shoulder measurement and it fits just perfect, does not restrict me in any way, but is snug on my body, even around the lower ribs, which I know many binders don't.

Budget Packer Small

It's the CalExotics Packer Gear 4"

That's not a problem, because it's a good packer. Just, it doesn't really say anywhere, leading some (like me) to think it's some different one, some Paxsies excludive, idk. No. It's the CalExotics Packer Gear 4" and I like it. It's about this price everywhere that I've seen it. But. It's good to have a name and know what you're buying.


My chest is pretty big so I was a little sceptic about how it will turn out. The binder is absolutely fanstastic, it fits great and it's really strong. It makes my chest flat and I feel comfident wearing (just) a shirt. Just perfect, I'm so happy with it.

4th Pair!

Love the look. This is my 4th pair of packing underwear from Paxsies, and they've all held up nicely. Comfortable and don't ride up. Worth the price/wait.

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