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Paxsies Reviews

We're sure you'll love our products, but don't just take our word for it - read what our customers have to say to help decide if Paxsies is right for you. Reviews from real trans men, trans women, non-binary people, butches, and more, because Paxsies is for everyone.
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3 Pack all in one packing boxers prints

Took a few weeks for them to arrive due to covid delay. XL fit perfectly and trimmed packer to fit just the way i like. Im happy with my order and highly recommend. Thanks Paxsies


These undies give confidence to my trans son! Used something softer in the pocket for a more realistic look. Works well. I certainly recommend them as the button helps keep it in place, especially during sports.

Grey all-in-one packing boxers

Never received

I never received my package. I got an email claiming it was returned and I would be reimburst but I was never reimburst either.

Hi Sam,

Can you please e-mail us so we can solve this issue for you?

Kind regards,

Black all-in-one Packing Boxers + Budget Packer Brown Small

Fits really comfortably, holds packer well. Only issue was the packer came with a tear in the silicone, other than that, absolutely amazing. Worth the price, I’ve never felt better :)

A good mix between gc2b and underworks

I've been wearing underworks binders for more than 2 years now and I wore gc2b before that. I think that this is a mix between those 2. The material feels similar to gc2b but it's a bit softer and the way it's put together is kinda the same. The material is definitely more comfortable than underworks (it's way less itchy out of the box) but it works just as well on bigger chest than underworks does (which is kind of a common compaint with gc2b). The way it pushes tissue up and to the sides makes it look like a male chest way better than the other 2.
My only complaints are that the upper back part restricts my arm mobility backwards because it cuts into my back (I hope that's gonna change after a while) and the shoulder part is a bit wider than I like. I'm planning on getting a nude extra stong spots binder when it comes out and I think that's gonna solve these issues because the shape is different.
Be aware though that it's kinda hard to put on even if you know how to and it's even harder to get off due to the front panel not stretching at all. You'll probably get the hang of it after a while like with every binder just don't panic when it takes you a lot of time at first. It's gonna come off eventually.
Overall it's a really good binder at first glnce and it binds super well. I really recommend getting this brand especially if you're not from the states because shipping is way less expensive. Including shipping cost and taxes it was less than half the price of an underworks binder in mid europe.

Comfort with a fun print

These are my first pair, but will definitely be getting more. I'm new to packing and have not had much luck finding anything like Paxsies here in the US. I was grateful to come across them! I love the words of affirmation stitched onto the front tag. Very comforting as I'm still working through my transition<3 Thank you for these!


The best binder I purchased up until now! Super comfortable, binds extraordinarily. Will buy again!

Black all-in-one packing boxers
Kristín Pétursdóttir

Black all-in-one packing boxers

Very nice looking very comfortable

These boxers are really well made and nice looking. Very soft, comfortable fabric. Elastic but not too elastic. The small was a good fit for me. I usually wear small. So accurate sizing. They are a very good quality.

Sports Binder Short Black

My kid is really happy with it. We are going to order another one!

Super Comfy

I made sure to buy a size up as people said the sizes ran a bit smaller and mine came as the perfect fit, didn't take too long to get to me either considering it came from Europe and i am in Australia. Super comfortable too, they're my new favourite underwear.


Totally worth it! We also needed some assistance because we've got the wrong number (our mistake). Very easy to contact and immediately helpful! Must buy some more in the mean time!!!!

2 All-in-One Packing Boxers + 1 Gender-Neutral Boxers with Pockets
Blaze van Rhee
I love it!!!

I love these boxers! It made me feel so happy when I had these! I felt so comfortable in my skin for the fist time!

Best gift to myself ever!

Love love LOVE the Paxsies budget deal! An amazing deal for someone who can’t decide whether they want a prosthetic type packer or a foam insert style, and I’m really glad I was able to try both out and see which one worked for me! The undies are super comfortable and I love the quality of the packer!


This is just amazing, it’s so easy to breath in this. I can barely feel it when I wear it. It’s so much easier to breath in compared to other binders especially when exercising/running. It would be nice if they made one that was long so it would like I was wearing a tank top but it’s still really good!

Super comfy, fits very well

I love them! The pockets are super handy, and they are extremely soft. I did buy the wrong size first (first bought L, now have M), but the support was very helpful in that matter.

great packer !

is my first time ever wearing/using a packer, so this was a great thing to get in the mail ! it came pretty quickly, it fits well and the packer is a pretty good size. although i do have to get used to using it, it looks great and feels great :o) very happy to finally own these ! <3


awsome !!!!!!!

Amazing product!

Thanks to your paxies boxers my 14 year old fem to male trans son is happy and confident again. He now goes out and smiles. He’s off to a local pride soon too. So a very big thank you paxies

Best purchase I’ve ever made

I had gender euphoria from the literal first moment putting these on. Super comfy and I feel so confident and happy in them. Would definitely purchase again.

Hey Ivan!

Thank you so much for your feedback! We're glad you like our products as much as we do!

Route Package Protection
Angelo Kronsich

Route Package Protection


I LOVE THESE. I really admire that you can cut the insert to your desired size and the boxers alone are so freaking soft and they stay in place all day. Best thing I have ever bought!

Great but hard to get on

I love the binder and it binds SUPER WELL, but it was hell getting it on and if I were to go up a size it would've ended up to big in the chest area. I now know a technique that works for me when putting it on but it takes around 6 minutes or so.

Great binder

I bought this binder, because I like the fit of sports bras, but they don't give me the flat look that I'm looking for. This sports binder definitely does. I look super masculine wearing it and I feel great. It's a bit hard to put on and take off, but I feel like that's the case with most binders. I did hear some of the sewing ripping as I took it off, but I hope that didn't destroy the binder. All in all, highly recommend!

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