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Paxsies Reviews

We're sure you'll love our products, but don't just take our word for it - read what our customers have to say to help decide if Paxsies is right for you. Reviews from real trans men, trans women, non-binary people, butches, and more, because Paxsies is for everyone.
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Best thing I could’ve ever bought, though I don’t have super bad bottom dysphoria these boxers help on my bad days when I’m not feeling the best. 10/10 recommend.


Fantastic feeling! I wear it like a second skin! Thanks for it!!!


I recommend them 100%! I'm really happy with it.

Love them

Love them. I recommend them 100%!


I love this underwear! these boxers are so comfy

Budget Packer Small - CalExotics

The product certainly looks real, but is a bit heavy, and not the most comfortable to put it in the panties, me and other people just made a hole in the panties and it is more comfortable that way. Maybe in the future you will make the product a little easier and make a double hole in the panties so that there is support for the product, and also design the testicular area to look more real and round, and not in the shape of a square( (the product I got is not exactly similar to the image on the site, testicles)

Very comfortable

It‘s not too tight, not to lose, very comfortable to wear and it looks very natural. And the colors are poppin :) love it would 100% recommend

Thanks, Leo! We're really glad you love your new boxers!


Love them! The package is so good and cute.
For guide; I made the order on October 29 and received it on November 12.


This is my first “trans product “ and I love them, I just have tried one cause I got them this afternoon. The package is awesome.
For guide; I made the order in October 29 and I received in November 12, I live in Spain. When I opened a bag I thought that they were going to be a bad fit cause they looked awfully big but I’M big lol.

Hey Dante! We're really glad you love your new boxers. Thank you for your support!

Pride packing boxers - superb!

The sizing is great, the boxers fit well, it is really great for packing and are comfy.

Very comfortable, 5 Stars

I bought if for my boyfriend. He struggled to find a right binder for him since he has a bigger chest. When I asked how it fits, this was his response: "5 stars really compfy doesnt feel like im getting squeezed to Death, I CAN BREATHE!"
If you want a good and affordable one, that's the binder to go for folks! It does it's job perfectly!

Thanks Leo! We're really glad your boyfriend likes his new binder!

They fit so nicely

Great binder

Bought this binder it's amazing made me very happy

Good STP

This is my first STP/Packer and as the description says is great if you're not sure if you want to pack or not. The silicon is really soft and the STP is comfortable to wear, it is recomend to pack down but I never felt comfortable packing it down because does not show and there is no difference if you wear it or not, rather to pack up. A harness is necessary and it is important to practice a lot and place it exactly on the right place because if not you can pee yourself. I really like it but requires an special harness. Since non of the ones I bought fit, I had to make one and with that harness I was able to use it. Overall it is a good prostatic STP/Packer and I really like it. Worth every penny.

Super strong, super flat!

Binds perfectly! Feeling so strong with this, no dysphoria at all, thanks for this great product!

good binder

Bought this for a friend, they like it a lot

Haven't received it yet

Hello, I cannot review this product since I haven't gotten it yet, still waiting. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Black all-in-one packing boxers


Once I cut the foam packer to the shape I wanted it looked great. The material is great very comfortable and soft. However the foam packer moves a lot once cut but that's a given

Best fitting boxers I've ever had.

These are the best fitting boxers I've ever had. No slipping or rolling. The foam packer is very affirming and interesting. It was a bit digging in the left leg at first. But overall. I'd buy more of these. Fantastic value and quality.


these arre the most comfortable boxers ever


these boxers are soo comfortable i love them


Very nice

I’m amazed

This binder looks so soft and look so comfortable I wish to wear it soon :)

So i bought myself a dick

Howdy! It's been 12 years since i've realized i'm trans, 9 years since i've told a professional about it 3 years since i started T and FINALLY on this year (2021) i managed to get my real name and gender registered. It's been a battle but i won the war so i desided to buy myself a dick since i most likely am not going through the surgery. I'm 166cm or 5'5" guy with a slightly slimmer build, though i have gained significantly more weight through you all know what, and lemme tell y'all this is the best and most hilarious thing i have ever bought. Let's start with that the thing is floppy AF and squishy too, but ya know it has to be to not look like you have a boner in your pants. Doesn't stop my ADHD ass from laughing and shaking it just to look it flop around. The second thing is it's slightly too big. Or maybe i'm just not used to it yet so it seems like it? Still would recommed whole heartedly. Also bought a pair of the underwear and will be buying more they're super comfy and keep the floppy bastard in place.

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