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Paxsies Reviews

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Its comfy to wear and really does the job. I would really recommend it!👍

My go-to binder

I tried several binders from various brands, and this was my favourite by far. I was able to wear it on a daily basis without being particularly uncomfortable. I had a rather large chest, but still people were actually surprised when I got top surgery, because thanks to my binder, they actually thought I'd had it long ago

Very comfy

They're very comfortable and have a wonderful texture. They're much easier to pack with than a packing pouch you need to pin to your regular underwear. However, their logo on the waistband does have an exposed seam which isn't very sensory friendly. Overall, very comfortable but would warn with that logo for anyone with sensory issues. I found they fit perfectly, if not slightly looser than expected (I got a 2XL and I was considering getting a 3XL, but am definitely glad I sized down).

Paxies grey boxers

Really love these boxers super soft, the built in packer pouch makes me feel so confident when I'm wearing them highly recommend this product

Adam's all-in-one packing boxers

Best boxers

The best boxers .

Happy but some problems

I can’t really use it as a packer, it’s simply too big and it folds a little unnaturally, it doesn’t look realistic when wearing loose pants. I can pee through it though, but it takes some practice, and spilling does happen quite often, but it might depend on your anatomy and skill level. I think it would help if the cup inside the scrotum area was larger and had a smoother transition into the shaft. It is very soft and has thick walls and looks exactly like the picture 👌🏻

Dark Green All-In-One Packing Boxers

Excellent packer

The packer meets my expectations. The packing boxers are a bit snug, will get a bigger pair.

Pride Grey All-in-One Packing Boxers

You need to buy a harness

I wasn't aware that it required 2 things. I don't have a harness. I'm still learning about packers and what not and I wasn't aware you needed the packer and a harness and that wasn't told ANYWHERE except the packaging of the product. Meaning that I have to spend more money that wasn't originally told to me. The product itself is nice, very confusing for people relatively new to gender expression like myself. But it does work. I would've given 5 stars if I was told I needed a harness before I bought it. Or if the functionality was explained at all. Which it wasn't.

Gender euphoria

When I got these I was unsure they were gonna work but I cut the foam to size and put them on and instantly felt gender euphoria the fabric is so soft and has no chaffing definitely recommend

Paxsies Tucking Thong
Molly Cromwell

When I put these on it hid my package so well you couldn’t even tell and I love the thong aspect as it rid high between my butt checks exposing them under clothing

Good binding, but it's not long at all

It's a comfortable binder with good results, even for bigger cups like D.
But it's everything - but not long. It doesn't even reach my belly button and every movement makes it slide up, so I have to pull it back down every minute, which is quite annoying and doesn't help my passing very well.

Budget Packer Small - CalExotics

Black All-In-One Packing Boxers

It binds like no other and gives me a more masculine body shape I have double d’s and you would have no idea thank you paxsies

Pride Grey All-in-One Packing Boxers

Long Binder Exra Strong

Definitely got the best results with this binder. I'm small and have a big chest but with this binder it's as flat as it gets.
Since I'm not that tall I don't have that much of a problem with the length of it but even I would prefer for it to be longer. It does bunch up during the day.
The back of the arm holes are a bit too tight. I guess that's due to the higher cut around the arms in general which helps to keep everything in so nothing spills out on the side which is good.

Dark Green All-In-One Packing Boxers

All in one packers

Awesome boxers. They are comfortable and breathable material. Only thing is possible pouch inside a little small to actually hold other packers Vs the size for the foam that comes in them.

In love

Very comfy!! The best boxers I,ve ever had

Works Great!

One of the best decisions I've ever made. Works great for hiking, work, exercise- the whole ten miles!

Packer boxers

Love the material. Packer pocket is nice; could be a little smaller due to I feel my packer I bought moves around in this pocket pout. Otherwise love them.

Super comfortable

I bought a size M (168 cm, 60kg) and it fits perfectly. The legs of the boxershorts have a very comfortable length, the material is nice and the packing bag on the inside doesn't draw too much attention. Only downside is that I couldn't fit my foam packer into the pocket, but I usually prefer to pack with socks anyway, so it's no big deal for me.

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