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Black All-In-One Packing Boxers

Ultra Soft Silicone Packer Medium - CalExotics

Good but…

I liked the feel of them but they roll up my thighs and I can’t wear the packer cause it sits basically on my stomach after I sit down. After this experience I don’t think I’ll be buying more packing underwear from Paxies.

I love them!

They fit well and are extremely good when packing, I have no problems with the packer shifting or moving at all, 10/10 recommend, just wish it was a little cheaper but I understand!

Good binder. It would be great if there was a white and beige too!

For me, the packing equipment sits sort of awkwardly and for the price I would‘ve expected more.

I never got them in the mail :/

I would love to review but I never got them

Paxsies Tucking Thong
Sarah Blackwell
So good

I put these on to try to hide my package and when I did it felt amazing on my skin and you couldn’t tell what I hade I love how the thong sits right between my but checks exposing my butt checks with clothes on they are the best highly recommended the best I have tried out there

Me devolvieron mi orden

No me llego, hicieron devolución del paquete y no se me ha hecho devolución del efectivo

Pride grey all-in-one Packing Boxers + Budget Packer Ivory Small - Package Deal

Good underwear, Poor Packer Foam

I picked this product as someone new to packing who wanted to find and try something between the DIY sock method and a full on packer. A foam insert sounded like a great idea in theory, so I was pleased to find this product.
I am a pretty small person (5'4", 115 lbs), so I ordered the XS version of the packing boxers. When I got them, I tried without the foam insert first and I was very pleased. The fit was great, I felt like the leg holes were actually tight to my thighs and the waistband was sitting at a comfortable place on my hips.
However, the foam brought it from a 5 star product to a 3 star one. When I put the insert in, I could not get it arranged in a way that looked decent or was comfortable. If I wore the padding at its natural spot in the packing pocket, the bulge was far too big and high on my frame and would wiggle around when I shifted my position. If I tired to push the padding further down to prevent both of those issues, I ran into the issue that it was too large across to fit between my thighs without folding into a very inappropriate shape and also stabbing uncomfortably into my legs.
It almost seems like the underwear was scaled down for the XS size but the padding was not, and that did not work for me personally. I do appreciate the underwear and am continuing to use them with other packing options, but I wanted to put out a warning for other smaller guys like myself who are looking at this product for the foam packer component.

Gender-Neutral Boxers - Pili's


It is very comfortable, although I don't recommend using it for too long. It can be hard to put/take it off

very good quality

the boxers are a really good aquality and they are very comfy the only issue that i faced was that i needed a bigger size cuz they were tight in the hips and waist as a biiger person but overall they are great for bottom dusphoria

Great quality

The boxers are great quality and fit me perfectly. The only thing I wish was a tiny bit different is the packer itself, I kinda wish it was more of a solid foam rather than just a thin piece, but it still works great!

muy bien

best binder fr

Budget Packer Medium - CalExotics

No complaints yet.

Bought as a gift for my transgender son that’s been going through a rough time as a teenager with changes that have not been a blast but the product returns him to himself and he can just be a kid.


I'm so glad to have bought this! This binder is really well made, comfortable and it binds so much better than the other I've had (from another company). Really recommend it!

Good value!

My first binder and I am very happy with it! Good binder for the prize. Comfortable to wear, really good binding. The seam in the back hem got loose after first day of wearing so I guess there could be some improvement in quality, but it doesn't affect the function.

Comfy and great

The boxers fit really well (i followed the size chart) and the packer is awesome, if a little big, but I cut it and now it looks and feels awesome. They are comfortable and look great and when I first tried them on I cried a little, definitely recommend

Zipper - White

Paxies are the best brand of binders that I've ever come across, they flatten me almost entirely and I can still move and breathe just fine! The zipper in the side makes it a lot easier to take on n off and you can unzip rq if you need a tiny break!


Definitely ideal for everyday binding! Even after prolonged wear, binders don't hurt or restrict breathing at all. Excellent compression, the 2XL binder turns a D chest into an absolutely flat A without any discomfort. I almost don't feel it on my body, nor suffer from dysphoria anymore. Comfortable cut, good quality fabric and seams, and this two binders bundle is a real bargain. Highly recommend!

Fits well.

Just great!

I'd totally recommend, it's the best chest binder I've tried. Its comfy to wear and really does the job. 👍

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