Washing Instructions & Foam Packer Care Guide

Washing Advice


We recommend hand-washing the boxers with soap or washing them at a temperature of 30 °C in a normal washing cycle. 

Allow to air dry, and do not tumble dry.

Binders and Tucking Underwear

Wash at a temperature of 30° C on a normal washing cycle.

Allow to air dry. Not suitable for the dryer.

    Non-Foam Packers and STPs

    Wash with warm water and mild soap. Shake off excess water, and roll in cornstarch.

    Allow to air dry on a towel or cloth. Do not use talcum powder or aggressive soaps.

    Foam Washing Instructions

    We recommend hand-washing the foam with soap and water, and allowing it to air-dry. If you prefer, you can machine-wash it on a normal cycle at 30°C with the boxers. 

    Please do not put the foam inserts in the tumble-dryer as this may compromise the shape and quality of the foam.

    Foam Sizing

    We currently only sell one size of foam filling. We have noticed that some of our customers prefer a smaller bulge and that the edges of the foam can be a bit hard which makes them itchy. We recommend cutting the foam with sharp scissors (to avoid fraying) layer by layer until the packer is the perfect size for you. Cutting the foam insert will give you a smaller bulge, and will not damage the foam nor the boxers in any way.

    Many of our customers trim the foam at the sides and round the top and bottom for added comfort (as shown in the photo below). How you cut the foam insert is ultimately up to you, your preferences, and your needs!


    ftm paxsies packer foam insert
    Normal-sized white foam (right), normal-sized black foam (center), and trimmed black foam (left)

    Need More Help?

    If you have any questions about our foam inserts or washing instructions, let us know! You can email us info@paxsies.com or contact us here.