Please be aware that this is an estimate, and may vary depending on your location. To get the exact shipping costs for your country/region, please add a product and go to the checkout page.

Within the EU 1-5 Days of Shipping after fulfilment. Outside the EU 5-15 Days of Shipping after fulfilment. *We ship from the Netherlands. Please note that we are not responsible for shipping delays that are caused by the buyer’s local post or customs service. Please contact your local post/customs service to follow up in such cases, as they can provide you with the most accurate information.

Once your shipment has been sent out (mostly within 24 hours), you will receive an email with a tracking link and information about your shipment. You can check the link for any updates on your shipment, or login to your account.

All our items are shipped in discrete packaging, and there is no information on the outside of the parcel that indicates what's inside.BE AWARE!For some countries, local customs authorities may add a label on the package that indicates what kind of items are included in the parcel. This might cause that product names are visible on the packaging.

Our couriers will make several attempts to deliver your parcel, after that they will leave a note to pick up your package. In case your package has been sent back to us, we sadly need to charge shipping costs in case you want us to resend it.

Please check your countries rules on this before ordering, from experience we know they can ask to pay duty import costs, depending on the amount of the order!

Returns and exchanges

Due to the nature of our product (underwear) we can't guarantee that a return/refund will be possible. Please start the return process here:

The product is unused. Both the product and the original packaging are intact and in good condition.

We can arrange an exchange or return in case you have received the wrong item/size, or if the product you ordered is defective upon receipt. If you received an item other than what you ordered, please do not open the packaging. Due to the nature of our products, as we cannot arrange a return or exchange for opened products for hygiene reasons. In case the item you received is defective, please contact us so we can arrange for a new product to be shipped to you free of charge.

Please note that shipping costs for returns and exchanges are generally shouldered by the customer, with a few exceptions, namely; if you received the wrong item/size, or if the item you received is defective. In such cases, the return shipping fees will be reimbursed by us once we receive a digital copy of the shipping receipt.

Returns and exchanges for any item are accepted within 30 days after we fulfill your order if they are unwashed, undamaged and in the original packaging. (Opened packages aren't eligible for return). Underwear items must also be unworn in order to be eligible for return or exchange. Binders can be tried on and are eligible for return or exchange. Make sure you don't damage the box or item while trying it on.

Our standard warranty period for Paxsies underwear products is 30 days from the date of purchase. Please make sure to send us clear photos of the damaged area. If the damaged area is proven to be a fault in warehouse, please contact us so we can arrange for a new product to be shipped to you, free of charge.

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and faults in materials. It does not cover damage resulting from misuse, improper care, or normal wear and tear.

At this time, we do not require product registration for warranty coverage. Your purchase receipt or proof of purchase serves as your warranty documentation.

We strive to process warranty claims promptly. The exact timeline may vary depending on the nature of the claim, but our team will keep you informed throughout the process.

Product FAQ's

The boxers are partially made from modal (45%), cotton (50%) and elastane (5%). Modal is biodegradable and eco-friendly because of its natural content. It’s made from the cellulose of the beech tree and it sustainably harvested. The beechwood cellulose is mashed into a liquid, turned into a fiber, and woven into a fabric. All trees and plants are made up of cellulose and they can (re-)produce more of it, thereby renewing themselves and enabling a sustainable harvest.

Yes, you can. Both our packing boxers and our gender-neutral boxers are swim-friendly, and can be worn under your swimming shorts. Because of the design of our all-in-one packing boxers, the foam packer is 100% secure during any physical activity, including swimming. To preserve the quality of your boxers, we recommend rinsing them in fresh water after swimming in chlorinated water or in the sea.

Our binders are swim-friendly! We recommend rinsing your binder in fresh water after swimming in chlorinated or sea water to preserve its quality.

Yes, you can safely exercise in Paxsies sports binders. Our sports binders were specifically designed to provide minimal pressure on your ribs without compromising on chest-compression power. The important thing with a binder is that your lungs and chest should be able to expand and contract freely during physical activity. Our sports binders have been examined by several doctors and medical staff and they meet those criteria. Please note that it is very important that you wear the right size of binder, especially during exercise. Wearing a binder that is too tight during any physical activity can lead to serious injury.

For more sizing information for our binders, please see our binder sizing charts for sizing advice. If you're still unsure about which size or model of binder to get, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can help you get the right fit!

Washing and Foam sizing instructions

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We recommend hand-washing the boxers with soap or washing them at a temperature of 30 °C in a normal washing cycle. Allow to air dry, and do not tumble dry.

Wash at a temperature of 30° C on a normal washing cycle. Allow to air dry. Not suitable for the dryer.

Wash with warm water and mild soap. Shake off excess water, and roll in cornstarch. Allow to air dry on a towel or cloth. Do not use talcum powder or aggressive soaps.

We recommend hand-washing the foam with soap and water, and allowing it to air-dry. If you prefer, you can machine-wash it on a normal cycle at 30°C with the boxers. Please do not put the foam inserts in the tumble-dryer as this may compromise the shape and quality of the foam.

We currently only sell one size of foam filling. We have noticed that some of our customers prefer a smaller bulge and that the edges of the foam can be a bit hard which makes them itchy. We recommend cutting the foam with sharp scissors (to avoid fraying) layer by layer until the packer is the perfect size for you. Cutting the foam insert will give you a smaller bulge, and will not damage the foam nor the boxers in any way. Many of our customers trim the foam at the sides and round the top and bottom for added comfort (as shown in the photo below). How you cut the foam insert is ultimately up to you, your preferences, and your needs!