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How do I bind safely with my new Paxsies binder?

Make sure you choose the right size for you! This is to make sure that your binder fits well without causing any damage or injury. It should be like a second skin, so it shouldn't be too tight or too loose!

Don't overdo it! Binders shouldn't be worn for longer than 8 hours a day, so make sure you give yourself (and your chest) time off once in a while. Don't sleep with the binder on - wearing your binder for extended periods, day or night, can cause serious injury. 

How do I put on and take off my binder?

We recommend putting your arms in first, then your head before pulling it down. Keeping it symmetrical usually helps a lot, so it doesn't put too much tension on one part of your body.

Another method is to step into the binder, then pull it up over your shoulders. It's different for everyone, so choose a method that works the best for you!

To take the binder off, grab the bottom and pull it over your head (much like taking off a t-shirt). It will end up inside out. If this is difficult, you could also try folding the hem of the binder around your torso and pulling that up. This way, there isn't much friction between the folded-up part and the material on the outside. 

How do I take care of my new binder?

We highly recommend washing your binder at a temperature of 30° C on a normal washing cycle and air drying it. 

Don't stick it in the dryer! This can cause the binder to lose its shape and binding power, compromising its quality.

    Need more help?

    If you have any questions about your binder, or if you feel you got the wrong size, let us know! We always happy to help you!

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