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    Paxsies Prints

    All-In-One Packing

    Paxsies started out as a company that wants to deliver comfortable packing boxers to trans guys (FTMs). Since then, we have expanded our target audience and products but these comfy boxers remain the same! Our All-In-One Packing boxers are made of soft, elastic fabrics that create a wonderful fit for everybooty. We offer our packing boxers pride-themed colours and whimsy patterns or more subtle colours such as black, grey, white, navy blue, etc. Whether they’re boxers or briefs, each piece comes with a sewn-in pouch with a closing button for the ideal packing experience. The pouch provides enough space for a basic FTM packer of almost any size. The button will make sure that your packer is secured for the rest of your day! Perfect when you have to move a lot and don’t want to worry about your junk accidentally falling out.

    Paxsies foam packer

    All our packing boxers come with an insertable foam packer to increase your gender euphoria! This FTM packer is a comfortable one that creates a noticeable bulge without sacrificing the light weight that you’d have without a packer. If the bulge of the foam packer is too big for you, you can always trim it with a pair of scissors to fit your packing needs.