Never Would've Guest Podcast Trailer Transcript

Hello, humans, welcome to the intro of Never Would've Guest. This is Max, a member of the Paxsies team. I am non-binary and queer. And I'm going to talk to you about why I think that the existence of this podcast is very important, also known as the importance of queer representation, and what my goals are in relation to this project.


Nowadays, more and more queer shows and characters, songs and even podcasts are appearing. And although one can say that this reflects society. I think it also goes the other way around. The fact that the representation exists, shapes society. There is not nearly enough queer content out there, which is why I'm so excited to help create it.


Representation can fight ignorance, because apart from helping queer people themselves, by seeing and listening to people they can relate to, it can help society better understand what queerness is. And by doing so, maybe it can become a little less afraid and a little less hateful. Many of the transphobic and homophobic ideas and comments are based on ignorance. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and that's partly due to the fact that other people have been talking about us, for us, louder than us about our own existence. And, well, when the oppressor talks about the oppressed, they can basically say whatever benefits them, which is keeping us marginalised.


That's why I intend on hosting interviews on this platform, and having meaningful discussions with other queer people, or people from all the different minorities or oppressed groups out there. There's a lot of places where issues intersect with gender, class, migration status, race, sexuality, ability, and we can't possibly discuss one without touching the other.


I want to use this podcast to amplify these voices and give people the platform to talk about themselves, their experiences, and struggles. By doing so we can create a community with the people who hear themselves in these podcasts and those who want to learn. And with that community, we can fight oppression, create safe spaces, and become stronger together.


That's all for now. Tune in for our first episode is coming out soon. If you have any suggestions on topics or you'd like to be featured in an episode, send us a message on Twitter @NWG_cast or email us at I wish you all a gender bending day.


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