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Visit Paxsies & the importance of community support and collaboration

Worldwide, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people have been marginalized. The system or cistem, if you will, is not designed for trans people. This means that legal support from the government is often hard or nowhere to find. Even within their own family or friend groups, trans people do not always have the support they need and deserve. Getting and having a job isn’t easy either. That’s why it’s important for trans and other queer people to support and uplift one another.

Paxsies try to improve the life quality of trans people in their own small and big ways. Besides offering gender-affirming wear such as binders, packing boxers, gender-neutral boxers, and tucking underwear, we reach out to trans and queer influencers to spread the word about our gender-euphoric gear. We also collaborate with other shops and queer organizations and businesses. We use our platforms to promote each other to reach a bigger audience who may benefit from our products and services. This hopefully leads to more recognition and resources for every party involved. Below, we have a brief overview of collaborations we’ve done and are working on.

Know that the list isn’t complete. For more detailed information go to our Visit Us page.

View our products

Do you want to see our products up close, maybe even have the opportunity to try them on? Seek no further than the following places!

Queer Gym Rotterdam

This wonderful gym is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It’s a queer-owned gym that seeks to create a safe space for trans and queer people to exercise, alone or in group.

Schuttevaerweg 111

3044 BA, Rotterdam

The Netherlands

HizzFit Nijmegen

The HizzFit is a queer gym, but personal lifestyle coaching is also an option to choose from. This gym is created by a friend of the Queer Gym at Rotterdam.


Graafseweg 274

6532 ZV Nijmegen

The Netherlands

Treat It Queer

This wonderful queer organization focuses on the well-being of all queer people and educates a broader stroke of society. For their training and workshops for healthcare providers, we have given Treat It Queer our gender-affirming gear (binder, packing boxers & tucking undies). 

Want to actually buy in a physical store?

Lykka på Lokka is a Norwegian clothing shop for everyone. Find some of our all-in-one packing boxers or gender-neutral boxers at their store!

Markveien 56B

0550 Oslo


HAVEN Boxing

We’ve partnered with Haven Boxing in New York. Similar to Queer Gym and HIzzfit, is this also a queer-owned gym, focusing on giving queer people a space to box and train in safety with like-minded people.

Here too, you will be able to find our products, view them, and try them on.

Coming Soon

We are working on future collaborations as well, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for updates on our social media and website!