How to wear a Paxsies binder?

You probably know what a chest binder is and what it can look like. And even though this piece of gender-affirming wear might look like a regular top or compression/sports bra, it can be a challenge to put on due to the stiffer fabric. 

While the stiff fabric helps you to bind your chest in a safe and effective way, it can also make it difficult to put it on and take it off. That’s why we created this guide to help you on your way of becoming yourself and being confident.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to get the right size. Don’t downsize ever! This is dangerous for your body!
  • Don’t wear your binder longer than 8 hours maximum. 
  • The methods described here might not work for everyone. 
  • Your body shape and size influence whether these methods will work or not.
  • Your mobility also plays a role.
  • You might need a friend or caretaker to help you the first few times.

Paxsies Short Binders

You can put on/take off most of our short binders (Paxsies Sports Binder Extra Strong, Racerback Binder Extra Strong & Side Zipper Binder Extra Strong) in the same way thanks to their similar design.

Putting the binder on:

Method 1: arms first - head

  1. Put your arms fully through the armholes first.
  2. Grab the underside of the binder’s back
  3. Pull your head through the head hole.
  4. Now the binder will sit around your neck and above your chest.
  5. With both hands, roll your binder down. This might require some wriggling and tugging at the underside of your binder.

With our Paxsies Side Zipper, you can first unzip the binder before putting it on and after following previous steps, zip it back down.

Video example with a long binder, but it can be used in the same way with a short Paxsies binder.

Method 2: arm - head - arm

  1. Put one arm fully through the armhole.
  2. Put your head through the head hole next.
  3. Then wriggle and put your other arm through the remaining armhole.
  4. Roll the binder fully down.

Once you’ve put on the binder, you might not be satisfied with the look of your chest first. As we said earlier, binders look different on different bodies and sometimes you need to adjust the binder but also your chest itself.

You can carefully push your chest parts to the side to avoid a “uniboob” look.

Taking off the binder:

Method A:

This can be done in a similar fashion as how we put it on in method 1 but in reverse.

  1. Roll up your binder until it sits above your chest.
  2. Then reach the back of your binder.
  3. Grab the back and begin pulling upward, toward your head.
  4. Roll the binder over one of your shoulders and arms.
  5. Then transfer and roll the binder over your head.
  6. Remove the binder from your last arm.

Again, if you have our Side Zipper binder, you can first unzip it and loosen the binder. This will make it easier to take off.

 (click image for source)

Paxsies Long Binders

Putting on and taking off the Paxsies long binder can be a bit trickier because there’s more material to work with. But rest assured, it is possible! You can try if method 1 or method 2 works. If not, here’s another method!

Method 3

  1. Turn your binder inside out so the white label inside is facing outward.
  2. Turn your binder upside down.
  3. Step into your binder. Your feet should go through the hole for the head.
  4. Pull the binder up to your hips.
  5. Fold the binder upward and pull it up more.
  6. Put one arm through the hole
  7. Put your other arm through the other.

Video example of putting on a long binder

Taking off the binder:

Method B:

  1. Take the underside of your long binder
  2. Fold it upward, over your chest
  3. Continue tugging it upward, over your head. Use your left hand to tug on the right side of your binder, and use your right hand to tug on the left side.

Video example of taking off a long binder