FREE Paxsies - Instagram Worthy Pictures

Hi there! 

We are very eager to get more exciting pictures from you guys in our underwear. As we work and sell worldwide, it's sometimes hard to find models for our business.

So, we started thinking outside of the box and came up with an idea. If you or a friend love photography and:

  • Would be comfortable posting in our underwear (face visible)
  • Are able to send us some Instagram worthy pictures (minimum of 4 pictures per colour of boxers)

Then please send us some sample photos or your Instagram page/handle and your details to

Please only e-mail us if you are serious and are able to make near professional photos. 

What will you get?

  • Of course, we will send you some FREE pairs of Paxsies
  • If we are able to bring the project to a successful close, you will receive an additional fee $

Much love,