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Best Shorts

I love the shorts

Black All-In-One Packing Boxers

Shit packer

The packer somehow came fully erect and makes you look like you have a chub. 💀

Great confidence booster

The sizing and choices were a little confusing. Wish they had more options for teens. However, this product is a confidence booster for those transitioning. Keep up the great work!


It's a great product. My packer fits in it perfectly and I love the way the boxer fits and feels.


Sitzen perfekt halten lange Farben Klasse noch Frage ? Top Hosen super binder nur für bin guys leider was binder betrifft wenig bis gar keine auswahl

Super comfy and affirming

the most comfortable boxers I've bought, packing pouch is great and the overall fit is spot on.

Do The Job Well

They are soft and comfortable. The mid -length leg keeps the thigh rubbing from happening and, they do the packing job well too!

Love it!

I have multiple boxers from Paxsies. I really love the fit of this one and obvious the color of it! Great for packing.

Very epic

Felt like a very manly man wearing these bad boys. Would buy again 😎

Super soft Material high quality

I really like the fabric! The softest undies I own. But the cutout for the packer is a bit big for my taste and so it makes it look a little unrealistically big. Apart from that I am really happy with it.

Very comfortable

All the items felt amazing. I was very surprised by the binder and how well it felt and fitted, I’d highly recommend this brand to anyone exploring gender

Binder, binder camisole, women's sleep undies

So soft, great quality, shorts have pockets!
Binders are fantastic, will be purchasing more.

Needs improvement

I normally wear tighty whities, but the same size that’s comfortable in Hanes is way too small in Paxsies. In addition, the stitching became loose in almost all of the pairs I recently bought right after washing them for the first time and before the first wear, and one button came off. Considering the price, I’d expect better workmanship.

Speaking of the button, I’d recommend using snaps instead. It would be easier to maneuver after putting the packer in the pouch.

Does the job but…

It does its job but when I washed it with soap and water, it stayed sticky after that. I left it out to dry for a while multiple times but the stickiness consistency doesn’t go away. I tried to rinse it again with water but it still doesn’t feel the same as when I had first got it.

Great Boxers!!!

I really thought the material was very high quality, and the actual boxers themselves were very good. the only thing I would note is that the packer was a little bit too big. I think that it would be nice to have different size packers to choose from when you buy the packing boxers specifically. Maybe a Small, Medium and large size so people can choose, rather than getting the standard one that may not fit everyone's needs. Thank You !!!

Grey Paxsies Underwear

Excellent fit and Fabric, Very comfortable and exactly what I was expecting.

All-In-One Packing Boxer

Recently bought Paxsies all in one packing boxer and they have been a great, non intimidating way to start packing. I def feel gender euphoric wearing them!


The most comfortable thing I ever owned, and it has pockets! absolutely fantastic, measurements also are exactly like the size chart said.


The last packer I bought was also the first one I ever bought—back when I thought well heck, if I can pick my size why WOULD’NT I go large? Well, I discovered that in real life, it wasn’t all that realistic. So this time around I went smaller…or so I thought.

But the smaller size ended up being WAY bigger than the large I’d originally started with (from another vendor). It was so large that it was embarrassing in my pants. I actually cut it in half—but that still looked alien. Instead, I decided to use it as my swim packer and go back to my ancient original one…which doesn’t look so large anymore.

Quality-wise it’s fine. But the size? It was a waste, and now I’m looking around for another one and it’s getting expensive.

Great quality pants

Great quality packing boxers Very happy customer

Asked for help exchanging

Got zero help. Will not be buying from them again.

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