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Est. 2019

We are Paxsies, a team with diverse backgrounds and identities dedicated to making underwear products for everyone, all around the world. The world is changing rapidly, and more people worldwide have finally found the words to describe who they are and the freedom to openly express themselves. We believe that feeling comfortable and complete in your own skin is extremely important, and that simple things, like putting on a pair of underwear, can have more of a positive impact than one might think.

From both personal experience and listening to people’s stories, we understand the struggles and challenges that many people face and believe that to create a world in which everybody feels welcome and represented, we need change.

We constantly seek more ways to drive that change by listening to our community to provide what they need and improve what we already offer. Our dream is to have equality in the world in every possible way. To normalise different. Our dream product wise is to provide accessible, high-quality products that help people express themselves, no matter who they are. 

To us, Paxsies is more than just a brand - it’s a movement towards inclusion, equality, and self-expression. A movement that starts from the simplest things, just like underwear.

Much Love, The Team


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Siyen - Founder of Paxsies

Alex - Client Care Manager

Kaidan - Marketing Manager

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