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FTM Packers & STPs


What are packers?

Packers are usually phallic-shaped or realistic penis prosthetics that trans guys, FTMs, transmasculine and non-binary people use to create a bulge in their pants. Of course, other people may also use a packer (ex. Drag kings) but the aforementioned people are the most common target audience.

A prosthetic penis packer can help trans people with decreasing or even uplifting gender dysphoria.

Packers come in all shapes, sizes and price tags. At Paxsies we sell affordable options from CalExotics. These are basic packers, made from either Pure Skin Material or silicone. The PSM packers are a bit cheaper, but will need more powdering. We also advice you to wear these packers in our All-In-One packing boxers due to the material. Silicone packers are body safe and can be worn directly onto your skin. However, in our Paxsies  All-In-One packing underwear, you’re guaranteed your packer won’t fall out during your busy day.


We recommend to wash your packer after each usage. You can use lukewarm water and a mild soap to clean the prosthetic. Afterward, carefully powder it in cornstarch to prevent the packer from getting sticky.


STP stands for stand-to-pee. This prosthetic functions as a packer, but you can also use it to stand while peeing. We sell the budget STP and the Ultra STP. We suggest the budget STP for those who want to try out an STP and see if it’s for them. Due to its rather stiff nature, we don’t recommend the budget STP to daily pack with it. The Ultra STP on the other hand, is packing friendly thanks to its softer silicone.

These products are meant for packing and/or STP use. NOT meant for sexual activities. 

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